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How Our Core Values Translate into Our Services

As a business owner working with a merchant processing provider, a few thoughts come to mind: How much is this going to cost me? Are they going to take advantage of my business? How do I know I am working with an agency that is going to help me grow and meet my needs? 

The team at Evolve Payment has always answered these questions by communicating our core values as an organization and how that translates into the business world. If you are able to understand why a business is in operation, you can gain a true understanding of the value behind the services they provide.

Our Mission Statement

We are a financial technology company that simplifies payment logistics for business owners. We help businesses achieve the lowest overall effective rate possible on their merchant processing fees by ensuring they are processing transactions at the best level. We help businesses ensure they are PCI compliant and add integrations that are necessary for their business to operate. 

We strive to build and foster relationships as a primary and dedicated business partner to not just advance your business, but also your bottom line. Our personalized approach to merchant processing ensures you have a knowledgeable advocate at each step of the process.

We do more than process your credit cards, we understand your business and analyze your merchant processing to identify areas of improvement that will directly impact your bottom line. Our mission goes beyond the traditional approach to merchant processing, we are your partner, advocate, and leader in achieving more from your day to day business.

Our Core Values

Our core values are representations of Evolve Payment and each of our team members. We follow and demonstrate these characteristics at every touchpoint in order to guide our team and lead our clients. Evolve Payment’s 5 core values are:

  1. Innovative
  2. Process-driven
  3. Customer service
  4. Transparent
  5. Community 


As a technology company, it is our role and responsibility to be constantly on the cutting edge of technology. That is why we have monthly meetings with our providers to check in and see what is coming down the pipeline while also attending technology conferences in the payment sector. 

For example, Evolve Payment was one of the first early adopters to Level III payment processing and Mobile Swipers for restaurants. It is our commitment to being innovative that keeps us evolving.


Without a process, there is no action, and without action, there are no results. Process-driven is a core value because we believe that our time-tested, proven method is one of the key differentiators in our industry. Because of our approach of making sure that we aren’t pushing our clients into boxes that they don’t belong in and our follow up steps ensures everything is running as planned. We have seen that not only do our clients want to work with us, but they continue to choose us based on our commitment to our proven process.

Customer Service

Naturally, when our clients see that customer service is a core value, it is easy to roll the eyes and think, “Well, who would admit that customer service is not a value?”. You’re absolutely right. It is easy to say customer service is a value, but how can you quantify this value into something tangible? 

We like to say that our customer service is proven in our process of collaborating with our clients. When working with a merchant services agency it’s important to have a provider that is willing and able to be a technology consultant as well as a resource. When we approach situations, we don’t just focus on how we can profit from the relationship, but rather how we can truly help our clients grow. From asking about business best practices to confirming that the entire ecosystem of your business is optimized, we do our best to be thought leaders, not just reactionary roadblocks.


In our industry, data and information has been used as a tool to confuse and complicate documents to hide fees and show greater savings than actually possible. We have seen it time and time again where clients that work with out of the box solutions are shocked to find that there are consulting fees on their statements that they have been paying for years with no knowledge. We have seen other providers offer rates that once the contract is signed, they cannot fulfill due to a salesperson trying to reach their quotas that month. We show you and give you the keys to your information while explaining what the different fees are and where you can find and confirm the information yourself.


Without community, we have very little to help us in the business world. We all thrive off of our communities to give us education, commerce, and hope for the future. At Evolve Payment, we are committed to donating 5% of our corporate profits to local charities in our community. We also shut down our office once a quarter and our team volunteers with local non-profits. It is because of our community that we have grown into the agency that we are today. 

When all is said and done, it’s important to remember that when you are looking to work with a payment processing provider that you are working with someone who actually cares about your business as much as they care about theirs. Finding partnerships where relationships and community are a priority is one of the most refreshing and inspiring things a business owner can receive when working with a business. 

Let us introduce you to our suite of services and identify how we can work together to increase your bottom line. Feel free to reach out to our team members. Thank you!