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Your Manufacturing Company Needs to Grow, But How?

Your manufacturing company has had a successful year, congratulations! 

Production was efficient. 

New leads were coming in.

And, sales were at an all-time high. 


Now you are feeling the growing pains. When you realize that to advance to the next step, you need to increase the company’s investments. From hiring additional employees or purchasing more equipment, your company needs to write some large checks in order to accomplish those exciting goals. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra cash in your pocket? But the ultimate question is, how?

The answer, merchant processing. Or more specifically, the evaluation of how your merchant processing might be costing your company unnecessary fees. If you have not revisited your merchant processing within the past two years you could be missing out on major savings. 

Your manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software streamlines all your processes and information in one convenient platform to ensure all departments are on the same page and tasks are accomplished in an efficient manner. 

A component of streamlining your company’s services is integrated payment processing; so when your manufacturing company is accepting and processing payments, it is effectively working with your ERP software.  

Just like all other components of your company’s ERP software, each part is an important contribution to daily operations and ultimately the growth of your manufacturing company. Your merchant processing is no different, it should be actively contributing to your company’s goals. 

Why an Integrated Payment Process is Important

For example, below are three reasons why manufacturing companies rely on a proper integrated payment option. 

1. Saves valuable time

All the transaction information is securely and quickly processed without the supervision of an employee or owner. Integrated payments ensure that the collected information is accurately shared and processed with the ERP system in order to simplify the next actions.

2. Less human error

Since the payment process is integrated, each step is automatically processed, therefore removing the need for people to directly interact with the information. By removing the reliance on people, it eliminates potential human error that can create a domino effect of problems.  

3. Reliable and convenient

Last, an effective merchant processing system will integrate with the appropriate software in order to streamline data for continual and up-to-date reporting. The company can easily view reports to manage inventory, payroll, vendors, etc. that will enable informed business decisions. 

Having the ability to efficiently accept and process payments will support the operations of all other manufacturing functionalities. Yet there is more to merchant processing than its connection to your ERP software, it needs to be guaranteeing your manufacturing company the most economical integration.   


At Evolve Payment, we take the time to review and analyze your statements to identify if your manufacturing company is paying unnecessary or additional costs. We want to ensure that your merchant processing is supporting the growth of your company. In fact, we save our clients an average of 20%-40% by introducing Level III payments to reduce those extra fees. 

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