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Evolve Payment’s services were built off the simple foundation to save clients money by eliminating unnecessary fees and implementing payment solutions that are best for each individual business. Through years of service, we have become experts in the merchant processing industry, and that is why we have a number of partners that rely on our services to serve their customers.

When we noticed a need among organizations and banks for a trusted merchant processing partner that would benefit both themselves and their customers, we developed the Evolve Payment Alliance.

The Evolve Payment Alliance is a partnership program where community banks, CPA firms, venture capital groups, and associations can refer their customers that need merchant processing services to Evolve Payment. In return, the partnerships allow the organizations to uphold their relationship with customers by expanding the resources they offer and saving their customers money using Evolve Payments.

Below are some scenarios and examples of how the Evolve Payment Alliance program benefits our partners.

For community banks, it is often not feasible to offer direct merchant processing services as it can hinder their business productivity instead of enhancing it. Providing merchant processing is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires additional resources which can be difficult to balance with the bank’s own underwriting qualifications. In addition, if an issue arises due to processing, the bank is not responsible for those risks, instead Evolve Payment is the expert in the business and can control those situations. Evolve Payment is able to adopt the role of the bank’s merchant processing partner so they can focus on their services while knowing all their customer needs are met.

One of Evolve Payment’s largest benefits is, of course, our cost savings, which CPA firms can easily leverage for their customers. CPA firms are able to send recommendations to Evolve Payment to run an analysis for their customers and provide a cost-savings report. There have even been situations where our merchant processing services have saved CPA firm customers an equivalent or greater amount of saving than their annual fees, therefore positioning the CPA’s services as essentially free to the customers; talk about some great customer benefits!

Venture capital groups benefit from the Evolve Payment Alliance because they are able to evaluate their investments to ensure that companies are receiving the best value. We are able to run analysis to indicate where and how their investments could improve. Oftentimes the money Evolve Payment saves venture capital groups, they use those savings to reinvest in their digital or marketing efforts through Evolve Payment’s other company Evolve Systems, a full-service digital agency.

As mentioned, the Alliance program allows organizations to partner with Evolve Payment in order to offer more services to their customers. For associations, they are able to maximize their services through a trusted merchant processing partner to both increase their brand reputation to attract more referrals and to receive a monthly commission for providing the service.

The Evolve Payment Alliance program provides the opportunity for businesses to advance their services, elevate their brand reputation, and increase business! And all while eliminating the additional resources, time, and risks associated with merchant processing.

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