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Secure, Efficient, and Affordable Results

Keep an eye on opportunities for new growth, and stay current with technology and security requirements.

Payment Terminal

Achieve Level 2 & 3 Interchange

Businesses often are incentivized to use rewards cards, purchasing cards, or corporate cards to buy from other businesses. Processing in a card not present environment, you lose the valuable data needed to qualify for a lower rate while processing. By using interchange management programs we’re able to realize that lower-risk environment, and as a result, process those transactions at a lower rate for our merchants.

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Interchange Management

We examine each transaction to find savings opportunities in the interchange rates applied by card brands.

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Save 30-40% on Processing Costs

We determine the lowest rates you qualify for and ensure you meet the requirement.

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Integrations: AdaptrPay

Take back control from your merchant processor and set your business up for long-term success with AdaptrPay, a customizable gateway and processor independent channel.


Why Trust Evolve Payment?

We Utilize Encryption and Tokenization.

Security is our top priority, and our encryption and tokenization capabilities will ensure your business and customers are safe from breaches and hacks.

We Are PCI-DSS Compliant.

We adhere to PCI-DSS protocol and can walk you through the steps to get your business certified.

Our Terminals Have EMV Technology

EMV chip technology is a robust fraud prevention method that provides a fast checkout experience for your customers with increased security.

Our Rates are Clear and Affordable

We won’t squeeze extra money out of you with confusing pay structures. We value people over profits and will always be transparent and clear about our fees.