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You must pay attention to the needs of your customer, keep an eye on opportunities for new growth, and stay current with technology and security requirements so you are not quickly left behind. Sometimes this can mean changing your systems, offerings, or the way you do business to attract your best client. Evolve Payment™ is helping businesses manage interchange rates to increase their competitiveness in winning new contracts and meeting purchasing and payment requirements of their customers. Our merchant clients consider Evolve Payment™ a valuable partner in merchant account management.

Evolve Payment™ has been helping businesses manage interchange rates to increase profitability since 2002.

By accepting purchasing or corporate cards you can stay competitive and become a strategic supplier for B2B or corporate customers and government purchasing card (p-card) users, commonly referred to as B2G customers. Processing these transactions within an account set-up for Level 2 and Level 3 processing is where you can really see the savings add up.

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Level 3 Processing for B2B

We really hope you’re asking “What is Level 3 Processing?” Who knew that there was a Level 1 or 2?

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Level 3 processing is reserved for businesses engaged in B2B environments. Businesses often use rewards card, purchase cards or corporate cards to buy from other businesses. These cards contain much more data than a personal card traditionally used in a retail environment. By capturing that data, we’re able to realize that lower-risk environment, and as a result, lower the rates for our merchants. These customers often require enhanced purchasing information beyond the standard financial information provided by most other card processing solutions.

Interchange Management™ examines each transaction from MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express to find savings opportunities in the interchange rates applied by the card brands. A potential savings of 30-40% on processing costs sounds attractive right? The Interchange Management™ ensures you qualify for the lowest rates for the card type and transaction.

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We have found that most our B2B customers have very specific processing needs when it comes to the method of accepting payments. Options are endless and include: online, e-invoicing, phone, check, recurring payments, etc., which can be very expensive, making it so that any savings on the processing rates are lost.


That’s why we designed EvolvePay. We take a consultative approach to solving your payment software needs. EvolvePay is a payment software that helps you organize, manage, process and report payments in a quick and clean manner. EvolvePay allows the future proofing of your payment environment by acting as the middleware between our solutions and the acquiring banks. EvolvePay not only supports traditional payment methods like credit cards and ACH, but allows for future payment types such as cryptocurrency.

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