Evolve Payment™ is Different

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While we’re highly interested in reducing your transaction costs, we’re also interested in reducing your admin costs, marketing costs, and operational costs. We do this by making payments easier, translating “dollars” into “data” (for smarter marketing), and by measuring internal processes for inventory management and recurring billing. At Evolve Payment™, it’s all about customer relationships, continuing education, and local customer support. If our office is closed, you have a 24/7 customer support hotline for immediate assistance. This is probably the most aggressive environment for merchant processing.

Evolve Payment™ helps retail clients maximize their profitability.

If you own a restaurant or retail store selling goods direct to consumers, we know how often you are bombarded with cold calls to have your merchant processing rates reviewed. We’re not a transactional selling company, we’re in this to build a relationship, to creatively solve your problems, and to be a long term partner for you and your business.

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    Customer Relationships

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    We create relationships in a transactional world. We believe relationships are the heart of good customer service. That’s why our customers have a human being assigned to their account who is responsible for understanding, anticipating, and solving their needs. At Evolve Payment™, we…

    Pick up the phone when you call during business hours

    Proactively review your rates as your volume changes

    Become your advocate with underwriters