Why Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards?

Improve Retention

Incentivize your customers to keep coming back to you instead of trying the competition.

Increase Revenue

Loyal customers repurchase, spend more, and are more willing to try your new offerings.

Build Brand Awareness

Referrals are a powerful growth tool, and loyal customers are more likely to refer their friends to you.

When a customer has a gift card, their average spend increases by 40%

Gift cards
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Affordable and Flexible Programs

We are partnered with Paya Services, a reputable payment solutions provider with powerful processing capabilities for gift cards, loyalty programs, and ACH processing.

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Custom Designs

We'll work with you to add your brand's personality to your cards with an entirely customizable layout, colors, and a call-to-action. Or, choose an easy-to-use template for a faster turnaround.

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Automatic Renewals

Want to order a new batch of cards? No problem. Tell us your desired schedule and we'll handle reorders for when you need it.

Why Trust Evolve Payment?

We Utilize Encryption and Tokenization

Security is our top priority, and our encryption and tokenization capabilities will ensure your business and customers are safe from breaches and hacks.

We Are PCI-DSS Compliant

We adhere to PCI-DSS protocol and can walk you through the steps to get your business certified.

Our Terminals Have EMV Technology

EMV chip technology is a robust fraud prevention method that provides a fast checkout experience for your customers with increased security.

Our Rates are Clear and Affordable

We won’t squeeze extra money out of you with confusing pay structures. We value people over profits and will always be transparent and clear about our fees.