2023 B2B Payment Panel Presentation

A Special Event for Controllers, CFOs, & CPAs

The Evolve Payment team is thrilled to invite you to our upcoming B2B Payment Panel Presentation at the Minneapolis Club on May 4th, 2023. Experts from multiple sectors will share industry knowledge and bring clarity and insight to the payment processing space. We’ll discuss topics such as:

  • Surcharging, PCI compliance, AMEX Direct, and other services that middle market companies can use to their advantage.
  • Payment trends and tools that middle market B2B companies can use to elevate their position in the industry.
  • How to leverage your knowledge of the payment processing industry to maximize your customer’s A/R experience.
  • Other opportunities that are often overlooked or not communicated clearly to businesses due to the nature of the payment industry.




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Our portfolio has processed over $1 billion in transactions.

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AdaptrPay is a gateway & processor independent channel that puts the control back into the hands of the merchant, not the merchant processor.

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Our Services


Take back control of your merchant processing with AdaptrPay, a custom independent payment channel integration.

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Ecommerce Processing

Optimize your customer's online shopping experience while keeping their data secure.

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High Risk Merchant Services

We offer solutions and support for merchants in high risk industry verticals like CBD.

B2B Payment Processing

Improve your profitability with optimal rates and a tailored merchant account.

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Electronic Check & ACH Payments

Pay bills online or expand your payment acceptance offerings with integrated cloud solutions.

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Find the right integration for your specific business needs without paying for unnecessary widgets

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Credit Card Processing

Improve your customer experience and process your transactions quickly and securely.

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Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards

Increase revenue and improve your customer experience with gift cards and loyalty programs.

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Implement and manage surcharges in accordance with state and federal guidelines.