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Merchant Processing Services

We ensure you have the right type of merchant account for your type of business. Our consultative approach can find your business the perfect solution.

Business to Business

Level 2 and Level 3 processing with proprietary Interchange Management™ to ensure you are getting the best service.

Evolve Payment™ Alliance

We provide a vital service to the community bank network by helping our partners avoid high prices and never settling for unsatisfactory support.


Understanding cryptocurrency can be frustrating as well as time consuming. How do you accept payments? How do you send payments? How do you know how…

Business to Consumer

We’re experts at finding ways to save your business money whether it be transaction, operations or administrative costs.

Receipt Surcharge

We’re in Business to Keep You in Business™

The right account, equipment, and software are crucial to your merchant account working for you correctly. We’ll start by determining whether your business requires Level 2 and Level 3 authorization, for maximum savings, and then determine the method(s) of payment


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