A New Approach to B2B Merchant Services 

We go above and beyond merchant processing by engineering accounts receivable solutions that have a lasting impact on your cash flow. With over twenty years of experience and a team of only seasoned experts, we’re well-equipped to deliver lasting results to your business. Let’s see how we can eliminate your fees and drive real change to your bottom line.

Our Services

B2B Payment Processing

Improve your profitability with optimal rates and a tailored merchant account.

Credit Card Processing

Improve your customer experience and process your transactions quickly and securely.


Find the right integration for your specific business needs without paying for unnecessary widgets

Merchant Processing for the Manufacturing Packaging Logistics Restaurant Construction Healthcare CBD Transportation Senior Living Hospitality Energy Real Estate Leisure Apparel Agriculture Industry

Twenty Years of Proven Results Driven by Partnerships

We foster direct and meaningful relationships with merchants, banks, and financial services providers to create customized technology solutions that solve problems and give clients peace of mind. Whether we create a new system from the ground up or optimize your existing payment infrastructure, we deliver results that always positively impact your bottom line.

Cash Flow Is King for B2B Businesses

We understand the thin margins and fast pace of B2B accounts receivable. Evolve Payment cares about getting your money moving smoothly and ensuring your business is set up for success. If there is an issue with your account, just call us, and we’ll advocate on your behalf. We know the who, what, and where to get payments flowing again.

Why Choose Evolve Payment as Your Merchant Services Provider?


Retention Rate

Our client retention rate of over 95% is among the highest in the industry, and we have long-term partnerships that date back to our first days in business over twenty years ago. From knucklebusters to software APIs, we know the ins and outs of this industry. Our merchant-first approach is rewarded with unrivaled merchant satisfaction and loyalty.


Cost Reduction

We utilize diverse strategies to find cost-saving opportunities throughout your accounts receivable. Our team goes beyond eliminating your processing fees–we drive real change to your bottom line.


Annual Processing

Our portfolio has processed over $1 billion in transactions across diverse industries and platforms. We bring scalable solutions to the table that improve your cash flow while growing with your business.

Trust & Trans­parency

Other merchant service providers are impersonal, transactional, and untrustworthy. We offer a different approach to merchant processing that puts our relationship and your best interests first, above all else.

Payment Technology & Integrations for Solving Complex Problems

B2B Merchant Advocates Since 2002

We’ve been delivering custom payment solutions and merchant services for over two decades, continually innovating and adapting in an ever-changing market. Hidden fees are not the way we do business. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent by clearly labeling every fee and line item on statements—we show clients where their money goes and why.