Our History

Merchant processing has a bad reputation, and understandably so. Aggressive pricing, pushy sales, and impersonal relationships are more predatory than productive, and Evolve Payment was founded to change that. Marnie and Donald formed Transcomp, Inc., Evolve Payment’s predecessor, in 1993 and began selling computers and LAN services out of their basement shortly after. What started with a card table, phone book, and Darth Vader telephone soon expanded into a full-fledged agency: Evolve Systems.

Eventually, the business grew so much that there needed to be a change, so Evolve Payment, Evolve Systems sister company, was born. The Evolve family continues to collaborate and provide marketing and merchant services for clients, although they are separate business entities.

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A Digital Agency That Drives Business

Evolve Systems specializes in design and branding, website development,
digital marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). We offer a wide
range of solutions to build a web presence and develop a marketing
strategy to grow your business. We specialize in developing a holistic digital marketing strategy to make your website your #1 marketing tool.

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Our Mission

We are a financial technology company that simplifies payment logistics for business owners. We help businesses achieve the lowest overall effective rate possible on their merchant processing fees by ensuring they are processing transactions at the best level. We help businesses ensure they are PCI compliant and add integrations that are necessary for their business to operate.

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We strive to build and foster relationships as a primary and dedicated business partner to not just advance your business, but also your bottom line.

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Our personalized approach to merchant processing ensures you have a knowledgeable advocate at each step of the process.

Meet the Evolve Payment Team

The Evolve Payment Network

We leverage our network of partners and years of technical experience to provide leadership with multiple integration needs to bring the best solutions to our merchants. We do this through new and unique offerings at every stage in the process to ensure money and transactions flow seamlessly.

How We Operate

Our unique process was developed from years of experience helping merchants navigate the waters of payment processing. Through our expertise with B2C, B2B, B2G, ERP, accounting system integrations and management reporting, we have the capability to offer customizable ecommerce solutions for businesses of a variety of sizes and specialties.

See It in Action