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Process Checks Electronically

Electronic checks, or eChecks, give your customers the ability to pay digitally for your goods and services with a check. Ideal for recurring purchases and subscriptions, eChecks offer customers a quick and convenient way to pay.

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How do eChecks Work?

eChecks operate and serve the same purpose as physical checks. However, instead of your customers sending you a paper check, eChecks give them the capability to enter their necessary payment information through a digital payment portal. This is safer, faster, and more convenient then hand delivering paper checks.

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eChecks Are Efficient

Reduce processing costs while eliminating human error from mishandled physical checks.

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eChecks Are Fast

eChecks process and clear faster than physical checks while being easier to deliver for the customer.

Why Trust Evolve Payment?

We Utilize Encryption and Tokenization.

Security is our top priority, and our encryption and tokenization capabilities will ensure your business and customers are safe from breaches and hacks.

We Are PCI-DSS Compliant.

We adhere to PCI-DSS protocol and can walk you through the steps to get your business certified.

Our Terminals Have EMV Technology

EMV chip technology is a robust fraud prevention method that provides a fast checkout experience for your customers with increased security.

Our Rates are Clear and Affordable

We won’t squeeze extra money out of you with confusing pay structures. We value people over profits and will always be transparent and clear about our fees.