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Why Surcharging?

A surcharge is a modest fee applied to a customer's credit card purchase to offset the transaction costs from the merchant's payment network. Applying a surcharge to your transactions is a method to cover credit card processing fees.

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Implementing a Surcharge

Our team will help you set up a surcharging program that is non-intrusive for your customers while reducing your processing expenses.

Understand Regulations

We'll outline federal and state regulations while walking you through the guidelines established by the processors.

Cover Your Costs

Keep doors open by accepting credit cards without risking the financial health of your business.

Did you know? Surcharging requirements:

Dollar Limits:

The upper limit on surcharges is 4 percent of the transaction.


There should be a sign at the point of sale, added to a quote or proposal. The surcharge should not come as a last-minute surprise.


The surcharge must be printed on receipts.

Equal Treatment:

Merchants aren’t supposed to charge a surcharge on only some cards and exempt others.