Merchant Overview

For over 100 years, the Tacheny family has served as a key resource for homeowners and property managers, providing high-quality remodeling and restoration while building friendly, long-lasting partnerships along the way. While their core focus is helping homeowners improve and protect their houses, Tacheny Exteriors also has decades of experience in commercial and multi-family housing markets. Everything from apartment buildings and townhomes to corporate facilities is built to last.

Whether needing new apartment siding, replacement windows for an office building, or townhome door installation, the Tacheny team is ready to work with you to uncover your needs. You’ll receive a project plan that will leave your property looking and performing better than it ever has.

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The Opportunity: Alleviating Pain Points, Not Just Reducing Fees

The Tacheny family was introduced to the Evolve Payment team by their EOS implementer during their annual internal process audit. This process audit ensures that their business expenses are evaluated and their costs stay competitive with their pricing. When Tacheny Exteriors contacted Evolve Payment, it started off with a simple question: “Can you review my rates and give me a competitive quote?” This is often how our relationships with our clients start off, but due to Evolve Payment’s process of asking deeper questions such as: “What software do you need your merchant services to plug into to give you the reporting you need?” We identified that Tacheny Exteriors was using an old version of QuickBooks. We mentioned that their ACH payments were being processed at 1% per transaction.

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As many business owners know, the heart of the business is its accounting software and the team members that manage it. A merchant’s accounting services give the pulse to operations. It ensures that they have the resources available to operate their business, make payroll, and pay the appropriate amount of taxes. It is incredibly challenging to perform a transplant from one accounting software to another, and the team at Evolve Payment knows how important it is to stay flexible. It’s critical that the accounting software seamlessly integrates into currently existing practices to optimize the payment experience without performing surgery or upsetting the team members managing the software by ordering new processes and instructions. 

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Solution: Seamless QuickBooks Integration and ACH Rate Reduction

Once the opportunity was presented to the Evolve Payment team, we collaborated with our friends at Calibr and introduced a revolutionary software solution that has a direct connection to Intuit’s software. This integration gives payment providers a unique way to inject payment processing accounts into QuickBooks software to introduce competitive processing rates without being invasive to the native environment. Evolve Payment reduced the merchant processing fees that Quickbooks slides into their contract agreements by 14% while also reducing Tachney’s ACH payments from 1% per transaction to $0.10 per transaction.

Result: New Merchant Services Partnership, Same Software

Evolve Payment takes a strategic approach with our merchants to identify the best software for effective business management. We do this by asking the right questions and looking at the big picture surrounding a business and merchant account. Using this technique, we could significantly reduce costs and save roughly $80,000 annually while not interfering with the current process or introducing new systems. The best testimonial that the Evolve Payment team can receive is for the team member responsible for the software we introduce to ask us, “Is that it?”.

The Evolve Payment team continues to have a great working relationship with the Tacheny Exteriors team. We continue to be a partner to this day by managing their ACH integration and merchant services accounts through QuickBooks as they grow and grow into additional markets outside of the Twin Cities area. If you’re interested in learning more about how evolved Tacheny Exterior’s QuickBooks merchant services account, get in touch with our team today. We’ll take your account(s) through the same process and save you time and resources by enhancing your overall payment processing experience.