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What is Paysley?

Paysley enables businesses to send payment requests instantaneously from text messages (SMS), picture messages (MMS), emails, social media, and QR codes for quick and effective payment processing. A business simply sends a personalized request, using one of the mentioned methods, to the customer or client which uses an embedded link to direct the recipient to the secure payment page.

Mopipaid offers additional means of payment integration, such as it allows businesses to embed the payment link to their website to resemble an online checkout process or the business can send requests from Paysley’s Merchant Portal. Using the provided API, businesses can seamlessly integrate Paysley into their shopping and checkout workflow.

The customer or client receiving the payment requests can follow the link and fill out the online payment form to complete the transaction without registering or downloading an app. Customers can pay with cards, SEPA, direct debit, instant EFT, and PayPal, as well as additional options. Paysley also offers a Paysley Wallet that can store five cards so the customer can quickly choose their payment option and complete the request.

Paysley makes sending payment requests simple using popular means of communication, such as text or social media while ensuring a secure and dependable transaction. It makes the process convenient for both the business and the consumer.

How can Paysley help my business?

Yet for the business, it is not only convenient but cost-effective. This modern payment system reduces the time and resources required for internally processing payments. Paysley adheres to each business’ needs across different selling platforms by accepting payments online, in-person, over the phone, and using social platforms. By adding your team as users, you can have multiple sales members accepting payments from wherever they are located.

It provides value for large companies processing countless transactions at multiple locations or for small businesses with limited resources. It adheres and grows with your business’ needs using modern capabilities that streamline website checkouts, on the go transactions, mobile sales, and more.

Paysley for B2B and B2C Businesses

In addition to supporting a range of business sizes, it also provides a payment solution for both businesses to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) businesses. Below are some examples of ways B2B and B2C businesses can use Paysley.

Business to Business (B2B)

Paysley can automate payments to clients or partners using their recurring payment option. The business can customize the agreed-upon payment plan using an ongoing or time-specific feature to ensure each transaction is sent by the business on time and promptly received and completed by the client.

The payment page, that can be accessed through the customized QR code or link, allows the client to access the specific payment page which includes invoices, contracts, bills,
order forms, business cards, and more. All the transactional information is easy to access in order to streamline communication between the businesses.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

A business can create a unique QR code or link for each campaign which not only provides the targeted audience an instant way to purchase the product or service, but Paysley provides an easy way to manage and track campaigns. The platform makes it simple to set up and run numerous campaigns while effectively analyzing each one using robust reporting in order to compare and measure the success of each.

In addition, the nature of Paysley by using text, social media, or QR codes allows your business to expand the different selling platforms while comparing the performance of each method. All while using a secure payment method that is PCI compliant. This ensures the customer’s information is protected while safeguarding the business.

Paysley is a dynamic and modern payment solution that can be used by seemingly any type of business since it’s capabilities provide a vast array of applications. Paysley maximizes the payment process by making it significantly more convenient for the recipient (customer, client, partner, etc.) while increasing internal efficiencies for the business.

To learn more about Paysley or to set up a demo, get in touch with the Evolve Payment team!