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What Is a Merchant ID Number (MID)?

What is a merchant ID number, what does it do, and where can merchants find it?

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Benefits of Using and Accepting P-Cards

Learn about the benefits and use-cases for accepting P-cards.

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How to Boost Revenue With Gift Cards

Merchants of all sizes can benefit from a gift card program for their business to increase revenue, customer retention, and...

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The Merchant’s Guide to Surcharging (Part II) | Setting Up a Surcharging Program

Use this how-to guide for merchants to set up a surcharging program and understand the qualifications and legal considerations.

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The Merchant’s Guide to Surcharging (Part I) | What Is Surcharging?

In the first part of our two-part guide, we're introducing surcharging while providing helpful tips for choosing a surcharging program.

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Understanding (and Getting the Most Out Of) Merchant Integrations

Learn about the benefits of merchant integrations, including integrated payment processing and automated chargeback management.

Why Every Day Is April Fools’ Day for Your Payment Processor

France: The Birthplace of April Fools’ Day We are all familiar with the age-old tale of April Fools jokes, but...

Why Are My B2B Processing Costs So High?

Different Interchange Rates Equals Different Fees Requirements for Level 1, 2, and 3 It’s Time to Work with a Merchant...

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How Our Core Values Translate into Our Services

We follow and demonstrate our 5 core values at every touchpoint in order to guide our team and lead our...