business gift

Being a part of the retail industry, you are aware that there is rarely a moment where you can make decisions that don’t either slow down or stop your business. With the new situations from 2020, every retail owner in the US has a rare opportunity to seize the moment and find a way to give your business a gift that could help you adjust and grow to the new ways of business.

Below we provide 3 business-growing opportunities to gift your business this holiday season.

1. Upgraded Point of Sale (PoS)

It may come as a surprise, but most businesses haven’t updated their point of sale either because of the lack of time from preparing the plexiglass shields or from not being in the store at all. With the anticipated containment of the pandemic due to vaccine introduction, businesses should begin to reopen storefronts nationwide in early 2021.

Is your business prepared to handle the influx of customers coming through your doors? Is your business prepared for contactless (NFC / Near Field Communications) payments? Is your business able to manage your inventory in an intuitive and easy to use way?

Being a part of the Point of Sale (POS) industry is understanding all of the capabilities that the new hardware platforms have and the incredible value that they bring to the table. A new feature widely accepted as one of the most important use cases in 2020 is a payment reader with a contactless option for Apple/Samsung Pay as well as NFC functionality. This allows your customers to make payments without touching the device. This single feature will allow your customers to have a more safe option for making payments while shopping in-person.

2. Improved Merchant Processing Partner

Needless to say, all retailers are aware of some of the costs of doing business, even the seemingly simple things during the holiday season. Most businesses pay for products to decorate their business with holiday cheer, some purchase candy to give away to young customers, while other options are oftentimes more expensive than you may realize. Merchant processing fees are a significant portion of a business’ monthly and annual costs.

The team at Evolve Payment helps minimize merchant processing expenses so you can keep your money in your pocket and reallocate those dollars to other places in the business, such as more decoration! We have a simple goal, to help businesses stay in business by reducing unnecessary processing fees through strategic merchant processing.

3. Updated Inventory Management System

When it comes to software innovations for your business, it has never been a better time to be in the retail business for inventory management software. If you are finding yourself stocking shelves at the end of the day and taking count of how many items there are, you are spending a considerable amount of time counting products when you could be spending more time with your family.

With inventory management software, you can pull reports on what products were sold and when they were sold to have insight on the best time to make discounts/sales on specific products based on smart inventory analysis. The benefit of updating your inventory management software could be one of the most important Christmas gifts you can give your business this year.

Kick off 2021 with gifts that keep on giving. A new point of sale to keep your customers and employees safe, a merchant partner to maintain higher profits, and an inventory management system to automate daily tasks.

When you are ready to go shopping for your business’ gifts, the team at Evolve Payment is ready to help identify and tailor the right option that is best for your business needs.