If there’s one thing that’s clear in the business world, it’s that there are too many software platforms out there. Your office manager is often the backbone of your company and the daily hero for putting out fires, pulling information, and saving the day, one spreadsheet at a time. Because of this, they often work with one or more of the administrative software programs available. We want to make sure that your administration team is not only appreciated but that the company is staying on the cutting edge of technology. Doing this requires optimizing your tools, so there are fewer headaches for your office manager and less money out of the company’s pockets.

Introducing QuickBooks

An overwhelming majority of B2B organizations use a piece of administrative software called QuickBooks. If you’re familiar with QuickBooks, then it requires little introduction; it’s how your business runs on a day-to-day level. The software can run payroll, manage invoices, manage timecards, manage accounting, and so much more. You can even process your credit cards and checks by using the software.

But, QuickBooks is hoping that you take the easy way out and use their software without looking into how much they charge you. Did you know that you can accept payments with QuickBooks while bypassing their high rates?

Why the High Fees?

QuickBooks publishes their fees at a high rate (2.4% swiped, 2.9% invoiced, 3.4% keyed), hoping that you accept the fees at surface value. QuickBooks knows that, due to the nature of the business, most B2B companies key in their transactions at 2.4%. They hope you don’t take the extra steps to find a partner to lower the cost of merchant processing and ACH.

If you’re processing ACH at 1% each transaction, how much could you be saving if you could process cards at $0.25 a transaction? The answer is, potentially, a lot.

The Alternative to QuickBooks’ Costly Credit Card Processing

Oftentimes, the Evolve Payment team reduces the cost of QuickBooks processing fees for our clients by 20%-40%. Our history in the industry, knowledge of software, and experience setting up business accounts on the proper software give us this capability. Instead of being in the dark about QuickBooks’ restrictive flat fees, we will provide you with detailed reporting on your processing fees to have maximum transparency. Evolve Payment will provide the transaction type and the breakdown of the fees for each transaction, ensuring that there are no question marks when you get the bill.

The most significant concern when working with these businesses is synchronization and ease of use. With firm confirmation, software usage will not change on the front end of QuickBooks. Our team steps in behind the scenes to where the card information is sent. The actual process for your office managers/administrative staff changes very little. Rest assured that your team members will not need to be re-trained on QuickBooks.

If you are interested in learning more about how Evolve Payment can reduce overhead expenses and cut costs on your QuickBooks processing fees, reach out to our team and get a free quote!