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The Merchant’s Guide to Opening a Restaurant

Advice for merchants who are opening a restaurant, with details on everything from customer service and marketing to funding and...

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How to Boost Revenue With Gift Cards

Merchants of all sizes can benefit from a gift card program for their business to increase revenue, customer retention, and...

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Five Key Merchant Services Trends for 2022

Customer and merchant demands for convenience and an integrated shopping experience are the drivers behind the five key trends we're...

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The Merchant’s Guide to Surcharging (Part II) | Setting Up a Surcharging Program

Use this how-to guide for merchants to set up a surcharging program and understand the qualifications and legal considerations.

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The Merchant’s Guide to Surcharging (Part I) | What Is Surcharging?

In the first part of our two-part guide, we're introducing surcharging while providing helpful tips for choosing a surcharging program.

Getting the Most Value From Your Merchant Processing Program

Business Development Champion Chad Helgemoe discusses merchant processing programs, their differences, interchange management, and more.

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The Beginner’s Guide to PCI Compliance

Interested in securing your cardholder data? Your business can achieve PCI compliance in four easy steps with this how-to guide.

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Understanding (and Getting the Most Out Of) Merchant Integrations

Learn about the benefits of merchant integrations, including integrated payment processing and automated chargeback management.

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Six Common Merchant Processing Pain Points & How to Address Them

Merchant processing can be overwhelming and confusing, but with a little guidance, you can alleviate your payment processing pain points.

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The Basics of Crypto Payments

Lower your transaction costs and future-proof your website by accepting cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as payment on your Ecommerce store.