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Paysley Offers Churches and Non-Profits a Holistic Solution to Increase Donations

What Is Paysley and How Does it Benefit Churches and Non-Profits

If you are a church or non-profit looking for ways to engage your congregation or members and improve methods of giving or donating, Paysley leverages popular digital platforms to make it easier for your community to support your organization. From text messages to social media to campaign building to event registrations to missions (and more!), Paysley equips churches and non-profits with a variety of tools for accepting donations. Paysley is the ultimate giving solution!

Paysley was originally created for the B2B marketplace but non-profits quickly realized that there is an unlimited number of possibilities with this platform. Especially during COVID, non-profits needed a quick solution to adjust their giving options since in-person collections were no longer available. Paysley has allowed churches and non-profits to increase giving opportunities through campaign building, social network crowdfunding, QR codes, text to give options, as well as many other options. 

Most online giving and text to give partners require your congregation or members to download an app creating an extra barrier. But, not Paysley. There are no sign-ups or app downloads required, they simply click the link, scan the QR code, or text the shortcode to the number requested and it’s done! It really is that fast. And to make it even better, they offer an option for members to set up recurring donations.

One of the other advantages of this solution is no sensitive customer data stored on your system so PCI compliance is simple and easy to complete. The members giving profiles can be saved, and because it is not on your server, you remain PCI compliant without the hassle of having to go through quarterly scans. Now you are safeguarded and your members can feel safe knowing that their data is secure.

Paysley Case Study: River Valley Church

River Valley Church, a local megachurch, uses Paysley as a text to give solution, campaign building platform, and giving portal. 

Before, the church had to contact their provider in order to create a campaign, but with Paysley their team has direct access to build campaigns. With complete control of their online giving center, it allows them to set up and jumpstart campaigns in under 5 minutes. For example, if a missionary contacted them that they were coming to visit, River Valley can go into the system and immediately build a campaign specifically for that missionary. All donations go directly to the assigned campaign and are easily tracked so they receive all the funds while understanding the details of the campaign. Campaigns can run for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years, and there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can build. 

With this solution, River Valley Church saved over 35% in processing fees, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market! No more ridiculous monthly or annual fees like you have to pay with other giving solutions. This is the perfect solution for any church or non-profit organization looking to save money and increase opportunities to engage contributors or members.

What can Paysley do for your church or non-profit?

If you are a church or non-profit organization looking to increase engagement with your congregation or members, this is a lower-cost solution with all the bells and whistles you could ever imagine. The possibilities for this solution are endless, and all within an easy-to-use system. Evolve Payment uses Paysley as a preferred system for donation applications to improve merchant processing. Contact us to learn more about how Paysley can benefit your organization!